Where Does a Mom Find Time to Put on Make-up

As a mom of 3 ‘Not having time’ to put on makeup is a valid excuse, I mean let’s be real we can’t even find time to pee alone. Also, I’m not a girl that has to be done up to leave the house, I’m totally fine shopping at target with a makeup-less face. However, with that being said, I do enjoy looking like I put a little effort into my appearance and secretly feel like SUPER-mom when I do manage to leave the house with 3 kids in tote and some makeup on my face. To make that happen I have gotten really efficient with the ONE look I know how to do. If I think I have 10 minutes, I’ll use the liquid foundation, if I only have 5 minutes I just use the cc cream and move straight into the bronzer, give me 12 minutes and I can add some eye-liner. I share my go-to ‘done up’ face below.

My 9 Minute Make-Up Routine

This is my go-to make up routine and the look I wear most days of my life

My Make-Up Products

Below are a list of the products I personally use. I am making 2018 my vegan lifestyle year as I slowly transitioned all products in my life to vegan. I am happy to report most of these products are all vegan!


I hope this was helpful!

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