Let’s Talk Skin:

You skin is your LARGEST detox organ, capable of expelling toxins via perspiration released through the pores. By the same token, toxins applied to your skin enter into your system. So to the extent you can, AVOID petrochemical-based cosmetics, including MINERAL oil, petrolatum, synthetic colors, and synthetic fragrances they better your health will remain.

Personally, I began really caring and making informed decisions about my the products I was applying to my skin when I first became pregnant with my oldest. I started reading labels and understanding the dangerous consequences of certain toxins and chemicals that are in so many of the health and beauty products sold in this county. In addition, I realized how little regulation there is over many of these ingredients. Big companies are not looking out for OUR best interest and products from companies such as Johnson & Johnson have been found to have cancer causing ingredients you can read more on that HERE!

It can be scary, especially when you are pregnant and/or nursing, since these chemicals will make their way to your baby through your blood stream. That is why I have transitioned to using the brand Arbonne an all VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE company that is botanically based and free of harmful chemicals to keep my environment as clean as possible for the baby.

What Does it Mean for a Product to be VEGAN?

A product or company is CERTIFIED vegan if their product contains NO animal products, NO animal by-products, and performs NO animal testing.

So what makes a product NOT vegan?

Most cosmetic companies (even the prestigious ones) purchase ingredients from RENDERING PLANTS. Rendering plants are collection centers for animal left-over parts. DEAD animals from farms, ranches, slaughterhouses, road kill, euthanized animals, old restaurant grease, expired meat, etc. are sent to Rendering Plants where everything is ground up, boiled, and the rendered product is sold to cosmetic companies.

This greasy by-product is used in lipstick, eye makeup, foundation, moisturizers, soap and candles. The animal by-products contain hormone altering chemicals and toxins and sadly 97% of the skin care and makeup sold in the US contains this animal fat unless the bottle specifically says otherwise or labeled as VEGAN.

Why I CHOSE Arbonne?

The short answer is that they produce some of the cleanest and highest quality health and wellness products available in addition to being a VEGAN certified company. I always look for the best, and these products are the best.

The long answer is that Arbonne, a Swiss health and wellness company, that produces products that are pure, safe, and beneficial. They are free of toxins and they DELIVER RESULTS! Arbonne self-regulates according to the world’s highest ingredient standard, the European Union, where they have banned over 1300 chemicals from their personal care products. In comparison, the FDA has banned just 10.

In addition, Arbonne is animal-friendly – vegan certified, PETA approved, and they have never tested on animals or used any animal products. Bonus they are ECO-friendly and are considered one of the GREENist companies in the industry. They use recyclable packaging and are carbon-neutral.

As a Mom, currently breastfeeding, I feel great using Arbonne products because they are botanically based with NO harmful levels of chemicals that’s safe for even for a baby!

Arbonne has over 37 years of experience and tradition in the U.S., contain NO parabans, dyes, waxes, acetone, formaldehyde, phthalates, mineral oil, chemical fragrances, toluene, petroleum, PABA, animal products or animal by-products.

Since using Arbonne by skin has been glowing and in addition I feel good about supporting a company that has values that are aligned with my own.

How do YOU purchase Arbonne?

1)   You can purchase Arbonne at Retail from the Arbonne website.

2)   Become a PREFERRED CLIENT for the best price and lots of benefits. Preferred clients receive 20-40% discount on all products, a FREE gift and FREE shipping on Qualified Orders. I always recommend becoming a Preferred Client. Who wants to pay more? Not me, ever!!

3) Finally you can Join MY team as an INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT! I would LOVE to work with you and have you be a part of the TEAM EXCITE family.

An OPPORTUNITY You Don’t Want to Miss!

As an Arbonne Independent Consultant, you have the OPPORTUNITY to earn an income, including bonuses and overrides, by selling products. By sharing the Arbonne Opportunity with others, you can build a GLOBAL business on YOUR schedule and aligned with YOUR values. Imagine earning residual income from a product you are already using and sharing about anyway. In addition to being a part of an amazing family of support. This is the beginning of a rewarding career.

Is this OPPORTUNITY the right fit for you?? Schedule a consult with me today to discuss the possibilities.