I love the holidays! There’s nothing more special than the time we share with our families honoring our traditions and spending time together doing activities we enjoy. The holidays are also an important time to gather with loved ones to celebrate with gratitude and love over good food and laughter. And that’s exactly how I suggest that you share your plant-based lifestyle with your family.

For some, eating vegan around extended family may seem overwhelming with the pressures of childhood food traditions and the fear of judgment from family members. However, I’m here to guide you through this process with a few simple tips.

While many staples of holiday cuisine include animal products, that doesn’t mean you and your family cannot bring your own delicious vegan dishes to eat and partake with your family. Plus, some side dishes around the table may be vegan already. The first step, is to remember that everyone has their own way of eating and we can all respect and honor each other just as you would any other preference or ethical principle. (And, a little humor goes a long way too!)

My Vegan Holiday Guide includes a quick and thoughtful reference for the holidays, and best of all, I’ve collected nine of my favorite delicious holiday recipes for side dishes, main dishes, and desserts. I’m so excited to share these recipes with you.

So, eat, be merry, and feel confident in your decision to eat a plant-based lifestyle. You never know, your dishes may inspire others to consider the benefits of a vegan diet. Download Fitmomma Holiday Guide Now!