I think one of the hardest things as a parent is witnessing your child not feel well with limited options to make her feel better. Olive woke up from her nap and something seemed off. She was not her normal happy self and her appetite was nonexistence (and this girl never turns down food). About 30 minutes later she began to feel warm. Mother’s intuition, I immediately knew something wasn’t right. Now the parenting challenge of diagnosing, monitoring and determining a course of action to aid in recovery was in full effect.

The first step for parents in diagnosing our kids is knowledge. Most of us aren’t trained in medical care; we rely on what we remember from our own childhood and from advice from our doctor, family, and friends. Since most symptoms do not require a doctor’s visit, we are often on our own when treating our child. Knowing what to do when your child is sick can help them feel better faster.

In my search for knowledge I immediately reached from my smart thermometer, Thermo. Thermo is the smartest, most accurate way to take care of the whole family. I love that it takes our kids temperature fast and sends the result to the app on my phone. Within the app you can create a profile for each member of your family. That way, if we do end up at the pediatrician’s office I have everything documented. The exact time and temperature of my child’s fever. In addition it will indicate with a color light if the temperature is not a fever (green), mild fever (orange) or high fever (red) which is great entertainment for the kids. Sage likes getting green! 

[screen shot of the app results]


Most parents know how to treat a child’s fever with acetaminophen or ibuprofen, but they still get scared when their child has a high fever (or at least I know I do!). However, a fever is just a symptom, and if your child is otherwise well, or feels a lot better once you get his fever down, then you don’t usually have to be too concerned. Seek medical attention if your younger child (under three months of age) has a fever, or your child at any age has a fever and appears ill.
If Sage or Olive is feeling under the weather, my number one mission (outside of trying to get them as comfortable as possible) is to keep them hydrated. We have the most success with popsicles!