Take 10 minutes to work your lower body with me! All you’ll need is a set of dumbbells. I chose to use eight-pound weights for this workout, but you can use weights that suit your fitness level. This pregnancy-safe workout is great because it will help tone your legs and glutes, which is really important during pregnancy. A strong lower body will help you with balance and reduce your chances of getting varicose veins, stretch marks and leg aches.

Now that I’m in my third trimester, baby number two is growing steadily. I exercise my lower body to help myself manage the extra weight of baby and for the other great benefits I listed above. Plus, staying strong allows me to keep up with Sage who is quite the fun and active toddler!

Join me (whether you’re pregnant or not)! This fun workout is quick, but effective. And, as always, let me know what you thought of the workout by leaving a comment. Thanks for sweating it out with me!