This week I have another great, equipment-free workout for you. It’s quick, only 10-minutes, but I’ve packed in exercises that will help you tone your abdominal muscles.

Wait — as a pregnant woman, you can tone your abs? Yep!

In fact, performing the correct abdominal exercises is not only good for you and baby, it will help you get back into shape postpartum. And, more importantly, a strong core is central to reducing back pain and providing your growing pregnant body with the support it needs to maintain a fit and healthy pregnancy. Abdominal exercises can also help you during labor and delivery by strengthening your muscles and pelvic floor. Talk about a lot of benefits!

Not pregnant? Not a problem! This workout is great for all mommies who want to trim their waistline, maintain their posture and tighten their tummies.

I hope you enjoy this week’s program. As always, feel free to tell me which exercises you liked best. I love to hear what keeps you motivated!