Next to diapers and wipes, the most important items in my diaper bag are the snacks! We try to eat most of our meals at home, but Sage is a hungry boy so I always pack several snacks for him when we are out. A well-fed toddler is a happy (and healthy) one!

What I look for most in a snack are: as few ingredients as possible, and, whether I can feed it to him while driving in the car (when you live in Southern California, this is essential). Here are my favorite snacks for Sage when we are on-the-go:

  1. Clementines: Sage does not eat more clementines than when we are riding in the car. This is not an exaggeration! Sage can pound three clementines in a 15-minute car ride. I peel them before we leave and once we get going, I wait to see his little hand to stick out the side of his car seat in the mirror, asking for another slice. In a pinch these are easy to peel while at a stoplight and they are totally unprocessed. And for a fruit, they are pretty mess-free.
  2. Larabars: Another favorite of ours is the Cashew Cookie Larabar. These are easy to keep on hand and only contain two ingredients, cashews and dates, that’s it! Larabars are a great way to add calories and fat to Sage’s diet, which is sometimes challenging as a vegan.
  3. Power O’s: These are cheerios taken to the next level. We like the Power O’s because the ingredients are: navy beans, lentils and garbanzo beans. This bean blend is high in protein and iron! Plus, they’re a tasty finger food.
  4. Apple Slices: I like to buy the big package of single serving bags of organic apples slices from Costco. These are healthy and easy to pack when you are on the go.
  5. Water: I always make sure we have a full water bottle in the diaper bag. Our favorite water bottle for the road is the Camelback for kids. This bottle doesn’t spill and Sage likes flipping the top up and down. Some of them even have a fun button for them to press.

grabbing a clementine

Keep in mind that Sage’s snacks are vegan and he has quite a few teeth. Always be careful about which snacks you choose for your child to eat in the car or while out and about. Give them a test run at home before introducing them in the car or while in public. You don’t want to be stuck without a snack! Happy snacking!

I would love to hear what your favorite snacks are while on-the-go with your little one?