We finally got pictures back from Sage’s first birthday. I still can’t get over our little boy is one-year-old. Happy first birthday to our very special ninja! We had such an amazing day celebrating with friends and family American Ninja Warrior style. #TeamSage was in full force!

I’ll admit, we went big for year one. It’s his first birthday! If you’ve started thinking about your baby’s birthday, you know that planning a first birthday party is a lot of work. Great memories aren’t the only thing I got out of Sage’s birthday. I also have some tips to share with you for your little one’s big day.

1. Choose a theme and run with it.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy a theme that helps them get into the spirit of the party. Since one-year-olds would be happy with balloons, cake and music — you don’t have to go all out, but the truth is, it’s pretty fun. And, it helps you decide on activities and decorations.

Obstacle Courses at Tempest

Obstacle Course at Tempest

Sage’s American ninja warrior themed birthday featured a baby obstacle course, a kids’ course and an adult course! We needed extra space for this party so we held it at the Tempest Freerunning Academy. Guests could compete for the fastest times. We even had little trophies. It was great because all of our guests got to run around and play on the obstacle courses. Not only did it make for fun activities, we all got a good workout too.

2. Serve food that works for your family and baby.

Sage’s #ANW party the cake was amazing! Thanks to Miss Kitchen Witch we had the coolest and most delicious vegan obstacle course cake. And it’s an understatement to say Sage enjoyed his vegan carrot cake smash cake.

Cake by MissKitchWitch

Cake by MissKitchWitch

However, we also had vegan food trucks and foods for babies. We had a veritable baby buffet of Sage’s favorite foods.

                                    Green Truck and Amazebowls

Green Truck and Amazebowls

We tried to be extra considerate and provided disposable bibs and extra high-chairs so the little ones could enjoy their meals as much as their parents.

Sage's Favorite Foods

Sage’s Favorite Foods

 3. Incorporate personal details and mementos.

We wanted Sage and his guests to mark the occasion with something memorable that he could have when he’s older. So, we decided to create a time capsule for everyone to write a note to Sage which will be opened when he turns 18-years-old.

Sage's Time Capsule

Sage’s Time Capsule

We also had a giant photo collage in the shape of a one, it included pictures of his throughout his first year. My husband also put together a video together clips we’d taken of Sage, too. (There were lots of workout clips!) The video ran on a loop in the area with the food. These small touches made our large party more personal and memorable.

More photos the better!

More photos the better!

4. Choose a fun party favor guests will remember.

Sometimes I think party favors are a little silly, so we opted for cute #TeamSage wristbands. We also set up a photo booth so our guests could take family photos. We had a custom backdrop made to fit the theme, but you could easily make one too.

Our Custom Banner

Our Custom Banner

5. Document the day!

With everything going on at the party I wanted to enjoy the time with family and friends instead of playing the role of a photographer. For me, it made most sense to hire a photographer for the event. Plus, she took photos I would’ve missed. However, you don’t have to hire a professional photographer.

To save money, you could ask a relative or friend to take pictures and share them with you after the party, so you can relax knowing that important moments won’t go undocumented. Or, you could ask a couple relatives and have them share all the photos with a PhotoStream or other digital sharing service. More people can contribute without one person assuming responsibility. Another idea is communicating a hashtag specific to your event and asking your guests to use it for any photos they post on social media so you can see them too.

6. Make sure the party suits your family, schedule and lifestyle.

  • Time: Select a time that fits your child’s nap schedule. The party time will be during another guest’s nap time, but they can adjust. You want the birthday babe to be in the highest spirits.
  • Place: Choose a place that works best for you; your home or an offsite location like a park or baby gym are a few options. Your activities and guest list will determine what type of space will best fit your needs. I think its best to have it somewhere your little one is comfortable. We had it at Tempest Freerunning Academy since we are there multiple times a week, and Sage is comfortable in that environment and it provided the space necessary for the party activities
  • Guest List: Who do you invite: your friends versus only friends with kids? We went with all friends because they have impacted our lives and Sage’s life. Especially with everyone’s busy schedules this was a great excuse to get everyone together and celebrate.
  • Family: With most of our extended family on the East Coast we were thrilled to have everyone in town for Sage’s birthday. We wanted all of the family to stand out so we had them wear green TEAM SAGE shirts!

View More: http://photos.pass.us/sage-1-1

7. Be sure to take care of yourself.

After such a busy birthday-filled weekend my energy levels were low. Throughout the party planning process it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. Make sure you eat balanced meals and always get enough water. And, a little workout doesn’t hurt either. It’s a great way to boost your energy levels when you’ve been staying up late party planning!

I did the following work out to motivate myself and recharge my batteries after the party.This HIIT workout is quick, but you’ll be happy with the results.

  • 1 min mountain climbers (knee to shoulder)
  • 10 extended squat jumps; 1 minute high knees

Repeat these exercises three times! You’ll  feel good because you did something for yourself after such a big event.

That’s about it! I can’t put into words how much fun this last year has been and how much love we have for this little boy. We look forward to the years to come.